A book to read for those who persist.

Photo Credit: AP/Joe Rosenthal We know who we are. We're the ones who kneel, on the ground if necessary, to receive Holy Communion on our tongues. We're the 30% of practicing Catholics—the Remnant—who still believe Our Lord is really and truly made present in the Eucharist. Here in the Diocese of Jefferson City, and likely… Continue reading A book to read for those who persist.

Another holy priest under attack.

Good priests are hard to find but easy to identify. They all have targets on their backs. Father Altman of La Crosse, Wisconsin, is just one example. Most recently the Left has called for Father Altman's removal because he, quite rightly, advised Catholics not to take the immoral and dangerous Wuhan flu shot. But there… Continue reading Another holy priest under attack.

How to close a self-sufficient parish while saying that you’re not

Editor's Note: This commentary is submitted by a Traditional Latin Mass Catholic who has often driven from his home at the Lake of the Ozarks to attend the TLM celebrated by Father Hager at St. Barnabas in O'Fallon. A much beloved priest and pastor, Father Hager is responsible for bringing the Latin Mass to St.… Continue reading How to close a self-sufficient parish while saying that you’re not

Bishop McKnight, stop stoking racism.

Your Excellency: Your public response to the Derek Chauvin trial verdict has, perhaps unintentionally, served to advance a false, divisive and dangerous narrative. I speak for the many in your flock who view this as reckless irresponsibility and even heresy, as your statements are in alignment with the intrinsically evil Marxist agenda perpetuated by Black… Continue reading Bishop McKnight, stop stoking racism.

Missouri priest to Biden, Pelosi: “If you’re going to make a mockery of the Catholic faith, I’ll have something to say about it.”

Courageous, outspoken priests who boldly defend Church teaching are few and far between. We are blessed to have one here in central Missouri: Father Anthony Viviano, Moderator of Pro-Life Ministry for the Diocese of Jefferson City and pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Westphalia. In his homily last weekend, Father Viviano passionately called out… Continue reading Missouri priest to Biden, Pelosi: “If you’re going to make a mockery of the Catholic faith, I’ll have something to say about it.”

Don’t buy what Traitor Joe is selling

I believe Joe Biden is a traitor to all that you and I hold dear as Catholics and Americans. With apologies to Trader Joe's, the grocery store I patronized often when living in Alexandria, Virginia, I couldn't help but crack a smile (which is increasingly difficult to do these days) when I realized the people… Continue reading Don’t buy what Traitor Joe is selling

Two popes walk into a vaccination clinic…

This is not a joke, but there is perhaps a punchline: Are the popes Catholic?! Truly, there’s nothing humorous whatsoever about two elderly vicars of Christ getting their COVID-19 vaccines this week and kicking off the Vatican’s campaign for everyone to follow suit. But now that I have your attention, please ponder with me the… Continue reading Two popes walk into a vaccination clinic…

Father Altman makes the ‘hit list’ of Apostate James Martin, SJ

No surprises here. Father James Altman and other Catholic leaders have been called out by Father James Martin as instigators of last week's violence in Washington, DC. No mention of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs who infiltrated an otherwise peaceful, patriotic rally and stormed the Capitol. As is becoming ever clearer on the… Continue reading Father Altman makes the ‘hit list’ of Apostate James Martin, SJ

It’s Mourning in America

A friend emailed last evening, “I’m so depressed about all of this, I can hardly breathe.” Me, too. We are among the 75 million-plus voters whose sweeping Trump victory was stolen by thugs hell-bent on destroying our constitution, our morality, our liberty, our future. Short of divine intervention, they will have succeeded a few days… Continue reading It’s Mourning in America

An Open Letter to Bishop McKnight

by Dean Lamb As shepherd of the Diocese of Jefferson City, Bishop McKnight, you are responsible for every soul in your flock. Yet, incredibly, you bought into the pandemic fearmongering that wreaked havoc on secular society, and you closed our parish churches when we needed them the most. Consider that Saint Mother Teresa ministered tirelessly… Continue reading An Open Letter to Bishop McKnight