Father Altman makes the ‘hit list’ of Apostate James Martin, SJ

No surprises here. Father James Altman and other Catholic leaders have been called out by Father James Martin as instigators of last week’s violence in Washington, DC. No mention of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs who infiltrated an otherwise peaceful, patriotic rally and stormed the Capitol.

As is becoming ever clearer on the secular front, it’s not so much our leaders that the Left disdains as it is us.

We are counted among the 75 million-plus voters who legally re-elected President Trump. We are devout Catholics who will never accept changes to the unchangeable Truth that courageous priests like Father Altman dare to proclaim every day from the pulpit. Many of us are Traditional Latin Mass Catholics, whose numbers are flourishing in sharp contrast to Novus Ordo Catholics who have been jumping ship for decades. We are a force to be reckoned with.

And if our leaders are under attack, it follows that we are, too. We’re increasingly bullied and censored on social media, our peaceful assemblies and Jericho Marches are viewed as domestic terrorism, and very soon we’ll feel the full force of the anti-Catholic Biden-Harris administration.

But let not our hearts be troubled. In his January 14 homily, shared here with his permission, Father Altman reminds us:

Let us realize that the words of Jesus are true. There will be many who hate Him . . . and us . . . and there will be few who keep the Faith no matter what. Because we know . . . Christus Vincit . . Jesus the Christ conquers.

Father Altman also expressed his honor in being named among such a distinguished group of “enemy” priests that includes Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Vigano, Bishop Strickland, Bishop Stika, Father Ed Meeks, Father Kevin Cusick, Father David Miller, Father Jeffrey Kirby, Father Zuhlsdorf (aka Father Z), Father Rick Heilman and Father Frank Pavone. “I recommend you read anything written or watch anything spoken by every single clergyman James Martin hates,” he said. Sound advice.

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