Bishop McKnight, stop stoking racism.

Your Excellency:

Your public response to the Derek Chauvin trial verdict has, perhaps unintentionally, served to advance a false, divisive and dangerous narrative. I speak for the many in your flock who view this as reckless irresponsibility and even heresy, as your statements are in alignment with the intrinsically evil Marxist agenda perpetuated by Black Lives Matter and “woke” elites.

By way of background, I am married to a career law enforcement officer who suffered hardships and countless nights, weekends and holidays away from our family to protect society from criminals like George Floyd, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. I thank God he is now retired and not subject to the vilifying of uniformed men and women, which you have reinforced with your rhetoric.

Please realize that the so-called George Floyd “murder” was not racially motivated. Derek Chauvin’s trial did not prove that he killed Floyd out of racial hatred; arguably, he committed manslaughter in an overzealous attempt to subdue a rebellious prisoner. To quote a fellow Catholic, your logic in using this event to call for racial equality is “faulty and disappointing for a bishop.”

All that said, I must agree with your opening statement that “we are not done with racism.” No, indeed, “we” (meaning you, your USCCB cohorts, and BLM) are stoking the fires of racism and ensuring it permeates our culture.

Like so many who holler “racist!”, you proclaim systemic discrimination against non-white people without providing meaningful examples. Do tell us, Your Excellency, where and how in the Diocese of Jefferson City are these individuals “being humiliated and denigrated because of their race”?  Can you please help us understand how non-white persons in your diocese are experiencing “moments of humiliation and danger” by “attending public events, shopping or walking by an impromptu social gathering”?

I grew up in this diocese in the Sixties, when racism was a valid concern in some parts of our nation more than others. Even then, however, politically motivated forces were at work to instill racial hatred where it did not exist. Riots ensued in my community where, by and large, everyone had lived in relative peace. Overnight, white people became the enemy, and non-white people became state-sanctioned victims. Any real or perceived inequality in those days was firmly addressed with anti-discrimination laws and the imposition of racial quotas in government and in the private sector.

Today the population in our diocese is a virtual tapestry of Black, Latino, Asian, Middle-Eastern and more (not to mention the multitude of religious and sexual persuasions which far too many in the hierarchy applaud in violation of the Solemn Magisterium). We interact with one another in stores and restaurants, in our jobs, in our schools, at community events, at church. We live, work, socialize and pray together. We band together to help our neighbors in need. And from time to time, this thing you call “racism” is displayed by people of every creed and color in the mix.

Yet you have issued a public statement admonishing only white people. Is that not racist, Your Excellency? You are saying that simply because God created me as a white person, I cause non-whites whom I encounter to “internalize each day” some level of “pain and suffering”, even “terror”. Imagine the outrage if you said this about any other race of people! This narrative, this madness, is inciting distrust, hatred and violence—real racism. I beg you to stop pointing fingers, and instead look to the Truth of our faith:

For you are all the children of God by faith, in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized in Christ, have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek: there is neither bond nor free: there is neither male nor female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you be Christ’s, then are you the seed of Abraham, heirs according to the promise. (Galatians, 3:26-29)

Meanwhile, you are silent about the increasing confusion emanating from the chair of Peter occupied by a scandalous man. To my knowledge you have never addressed the blasphemous pagan worship of Pachamama conducted by Pope Francis; nor his statements in Amoris Laetitia leading divorced and remarried Catholics to believe they may receive Holy Communion in their objective state of sin; nor his endorsement of same-sex civil unions; nor his Fratelli Tutti encyclical laced with the principles of Freemasonry; nor his unprecedented and perplexing change of the words our Father gave us, from “lead us not into temptation” to “do not abandon us”; nor his assertion that the Blessed Mother is not our Co-Redemptrix; nor his celebration and glorification of the heretic, Martin Luther; nor his support of world elites who are openly and aggressively promoting contraception and abortion . . . the list is simply too long to continue!

You are throwing the lambs and sheep of this diocese to the wolves, Bishop McKnight.

Instead of issuing statements to correct and clarify Church teaching in order to save souls, you have joined the “woke” culture in advancing a Marxist takeover. You ignite racism. You require Mass-goers and Catholic schoolchildren to wear a political symbol on their faces, despite scientific proof that facemasks do not prevent COVID-19 and are even harmful. Perhaps most egregiously, you endorse abortion-tainted, experimental, highly questionable and potentially deadly injections for “the common good.”

Sadly, you have rendered yourself irrelevant to the remaining devout and informed Catholics in your shrinking diocese—people who have found “the pearl of great price” in our faith and, with God’s grace, will not abandon it along with so many of our shepherds. We continue to pray for you and for our brethren who are lost and misled by what you have said and failed to say.

8 thoughts on “Bishop McKnight, stop stoking racism.”

  1. Still agreeing over one year later. I wish I had found this site last year when the Bishop planted a
    “story” in the Post Dispatch to try to intimidate every Catholic and Cleric in his diocese to “accept” the “vaccination”. It is now known to be dangerous and deadly and with the lineage of aborted children. No Bishop, faux-Pope (see Dr. Mazza and or faux-doctor can justify it. We see the lie. Our Bishop is a liar.

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  2. Thank you for your thoughtful letter! In the past and in a different area, I have written to our archbishop when our priest was blatantly supportive of Obama’s election, citing that “abortion is only one point to consider”, then listing the Democrat talking points as positive reasons for his election. Abortion is murder and an abortion promoter should never be encouraged by the Church in any representative position. Several years later, a different parish priest quoted and specified it was from the New York Times (so we KNOW it’s factual) in promoting the necessity of change from the “current (Trump) administration” in regard to southern border regulations. We now see how well that change is working! When I was designated by Bishop McKnight as a systemic racist, an absolute Marxist position, there is no point in my writing another letter! Our country is being sold out and turned into a Communist state with the help of our Catholic Democrat (maybe reverse that to Democrat Catholic?) clergy! Unfortunately, they will find out YET AGAIN TOO LATE that they were SO wrong! It has happened over and over in countries that have been turned Marxist and destroyed with the help initially from the Church. May God help us!


  3. Thank you so much for this article. You invested prayer, time, and effort to articulate so well what needs to be said.

    I am heartsick all over again as I review the partial list you wrote of our Pope’s confusing and anti-Catholic statements and actions that basically lead our people away from our wonderful Catholic faith. Today, I find roadblocks coming FROM the church when trying to lead people to the Catholic faith. Trying to speak to family members who easily and quickly point out the heretical, anti-Biblical, anti-Christ teachings being promoted by the Pope, I am overcome by the feeling of ineptness to take confident action to rebut fully justified arguments. Our supreme leader should not be our stumbling block. Come on, man.

    When, in Bishop McKnight’s article, he says we should be converted. I ask, “Converted to what?” Since his article is basically speaking to interested and engaged Catholics, is our Bishop wanting to convert us to something else? Another ideology like Marxism, protestantism, BLM, or Free-Masonry? What does he want of us? Come on, man.

    I have drifted from feeling safe and secure in my understanding of, respect for, and my relationship and interaction with people of other races to where I now feel wary, cautious, and suspiciously reluctant to interact. I no longer feel like I can be myself with anyone outside of my close friends of my same race, but instead I need to weigh everything and anything I could possibly say or do that could be misunderstood and misconstrued as racist. Therefore, I find myself simply standing back from the “others”, even those who were once my friends. Come on, man.

    The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want; He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters; he restores my soul –(NOT CONFUSES AND CONFOUNDS it)
    He leads me in paths of righteousness (NOT SIN AND UNRIGHTEOUSNESS) for His name’s sake.
    Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death — I fear no evil for thou art with me;
    thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me (NOT MAKE ME DISTRUSTFUL AND SKEPTICAL) Come on, man.

    Bishop McKnight, you are our shepherd. Please do what you can to lead us in righteousness for His name’s sake.

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  4. Dean that is a most excellent letter well said and well written and you speak for many Catholics and priests! Thank you thank you thank you and God bless you!

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