Time to ‘voice your ideas, dreams and concerns’ in 3 sentences or less.

Perhaps like some of you, I’ve been silent on the Synod on Synodality. For me, it has seemed pointless to comment on an exercise that ostensibly gives voice to the “ideas, dreams and concerns” of Catholics “in the margins“, according to Pope Francis. As a Traditional Latin Mass Catholic truly marginalized by this pope, I am skeptical of his concern for anything I have to say.

But I’m also stubborn, call it rigid if you like, when it comes to championing the One True Faith. While Pope Francis and seemingly most bishops are literally playing hell with us, suppressing the Traditional Latin Mass and hoping to guilt us into conformity with a “new” church that offends God by appeasing the world, remember what Jesus said to the first pontiff: “Thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18)

No pope, no bishop, nor the devil himself can change or subvert the authentic Catholic Church. What they can do is hide it from the uninformed and uncatechized, putting their souls at great risk. Indeed, they are succeeding in that effort. Did you know that 42% of Novus Ordo Catholics who attend Sunday Mass have not even heard of Traditionis Custodes, the pope’s July 16 motu proprio relegating the Traditional Latin Mass to the dustbin? And of the 58% of Novus Ordo Catholics who are aware of Traditonis Custodes, the overwhelming majority either approve of what it says or simply do not care about it.

That is why I’ve decided to break my silence and share the following information . . .

Over the next several months, bishops around the globe are supposed to be gathering input from us to submit in a summary to the Vatican by August 15, 2022. In this 4-minute and highly motivating video, Father Mark Goring urges us to write absurdly brief letters to our bishop, boiling down our “ideas, dreams and concerns” into a maximum of three sentences, straightforward with no complaints. As Father Goring explains, if a bishop receives only three such letters, he “has to” include them in his report to the Vatican. He suggests very simple wording, like this:

Your Excellency,

Here is my discernment for the Synod of Synodality. I would like to see traditional Catholicism, the Latin Mass, and orthodox teachings in the Catholic Church. Thank you.

Let’s do this in spades, let’s stand up and be counted. Not three letters, but 300 letters. Here is the Bishop’s address so you won’t have to look it up: Most Reverend W. Shawn McKnight /Bishop, Diocese of Jefferson City / 2207 West Main Street / Jefferson City, MO 65109-0914. If you wouldn’t mind, please let me know you’ve sent your letter in the comment box below.

Finally, let us all work on creating awareness among our Novus Ordo brethren for the tradition, beauty and Truth of the Traditional Latin Mass–and how Traditionis Custodes is essentially using the cancel culture mentality to undermine authentic Catholicism. This should make for some spirited discussions around the table this Thanksgiving.

Viva Cristo Rey!

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