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Dear subscribers and occasional readers,

May I ask a favor? Please read my first article as a new writer for Six Ways to Sunday vs. the Way that Really Gets you There.

The website bills itself as an “…information portal from Catholic writers and bloggers who write about things Catholics are interested in….from a perspective consistent with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.” You can read more about them here

I’m honored to join the many gifted writers at Catholic365, and I encourage you to check out their contributions and subscribe to the site. You’ll find a wealth of content, all vetted by the editors.

So, is ShowMeCatholics going away? No.

In the aftermath of the Traditionis Custodes bombshell, I’ve been struggling with what, exactly, we everyday Catholics without letters behind our names can add to the fast-developing conversation. I’ve been a bit dumbstruck—not to mention humbled by just how much I still have to learn about how and why the Traditional Latin Mass is being kicked to the curb.

Recently, I found my voice. As a lay Catholic going through this madness, attending a diocesan TLM each Sunday, trying to play nice so the bishop won’t shut us down even faster than I suspect he might, and all while cringing at the absurd “compromises” being thrown out to us like breadcrumbs (Anglican Use Mass, anyone?) . . . well, I had some things to say. And I haven’t said them on ShowMeCatholics . . . yet.

Meanwhile, I had the idea to write a series of articles to help non-TLM Catholics understand and treasure our Mass. That’s when the opportunity to join Catholic365 presented itself, and I decided to launch my idea there, knowing I could reach more Catholics who haven’t yet had their eyes opened to what is at stake for all of us, traditional or otherwise. Part of the deal is that my Catholic365 submissions are exclusive to that site.

You’ll see with Six Ways to Sunday vs. the Way that Really Gets you There, I have held my tongue quite a bit. Instead I focus on the overall descent of Catholics into Protestants. According to surveys, we reject our Catholic faith as much or more as those who have left the One True Faith for something else. Then I set the stage for future apologetics-style articles demonstrating how the Traditional Latin Mass has proven far more effective than the Novus Ordo Mass in steeping Catholics in their faith. I’ll save my more controversial complaints and musings for ShowMeCatholics.

Anyhow, that’s the plan. Pray for our TLM, and pray for me!

2 thoughts on “Follow me to Catholic365”

  1. Thank you for sharing this latest article and for contributing your gifts to Catholic365. I really enjoyed the article, you express the sentiment of us real Catholics exactly. I was also disturbed by the Crisis posting of Anglican Use, I will fight tooth and nail for the TLM rather than compromising in any way. You and Fr. Schrader (and also Bishop McKnight, for his conversion) are in my prayers! Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to many, we need you!

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