Bishop McKnight calls for consecration of Russia/Ukraine

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It’s happening. The saga of Our Lady of Fatima’s quest for the consecration and conversion of Russia, divinely destined to take place but circumvented at every turn for more than 100 years, is taking shape as I write this. The darkness of uncertainty abounds as hand-wringing and speculation continue, but rays of light are piercing through.

This morning I heard from a reliable source that Bishop McKnight has asked all priests in the Diocese of Jefferson City to join in the consecration prayers for Russia/Ukraine on March 25. By the time you read this, perhaps an official communication will have been released. I’m sure we can count on many (most?) bishops to follow suit. Praised be Jesus Christ!

I have more to say about this here.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us! St. Francisco, pray for us! St. Jacinta, pray for us! Servant of God Lucia, intercede for us!

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