Let’s do this for our Queen.

As I write here, naysayers are at work to shred all hope in the validity of tomorrow’s Consecration of Russia/Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It’s easy to succumb to the negativity. Don’t! I say, as much to myself as to you.

Please read Don’t be misled: This is Our Lady’s moment, and take a leap of faith with me that Heaven is orchestrating this climactic event, that souls will be converted, and the last laugh will be on those who mocked it. Through our fervent prayers and fasting — and our personal participation, in person at our parish or via livestream — we will be doing our part as Mary’s children. Tomorrow’s consecration, in my humble estimation, is a major victory in our epic battle against the evil spirits who prowl about the world, seeking the ruin of souls. There will be counterattacks.

Let’s keep those Rosaries going strong and resolve to make our First Saturday devotions. From. Now. On.

1 thought on “Let’s do this for our Queen.”

  1. My faith is in Jesus and I pray for Our Blessed Mother’s intervention regarding the evils we have all allowed into the world. May we have the humility to invite the Holy Spirit into our own hearts…that we are made aware of our own darkness and sin…so that we may repent and be a vessel for Heaven to work through. May God have mercy on us and fill us with the gifts and graces that are needed for His Kingdom. JMJ


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