Guess where Bishop McKnight was on March 25.

Come to find out, our own Bishop McKnight of the Diocese of Jefferson City is said to have been in Chicago that day.

What now?

Photo credit: Vatican Media Yesterday I attended a special Mass followed by the Consecration Prayer at St. Joseph's in Westphalia. The pews were packed, albeit mostly with parish school kids and, I'm guessing, fifty or sixty adults. I had expected far more. How was your experience? Did you attend a local consecration? Was the church… Continue reading What now?

Our Mother awaits. Her children pray. The world suffers.

I was overjoyed to hear yesterday's breaking news that Pope Francis will consecrate Russia (and Ukraine, which is for all practical purposes Russia) on Friday, March 25 . . . that is, until I quickly realized he has not as yet ordered the world's bishops to participate, as directed by Our Lady. Since then, Latin American bishops have stated… Continue reading Our Mother awaits. Her children pray. The world suffers.

Unitas in Ecclesia

People sometimes honk and give a thumbs-up when they pass me on the highway. They might think my personalized licensed plate, UNITAS, makes me their fellow fan of the legendary NFL quarterback. Perhaps I need to plaster a sticker above it: Latin for "Unity"

Time to ‘voice your ideas, dreams and concerns’ in 3 sentences or less.

Perhaps like some of you, I've been silent on the Synod on Synodality. For me, it has seemed pointless to comment on an exercise that ostensibly gives voice to the "ideas, dreams and concerns" of Catholics "in the margins", according to Pope Francis. As a Traditional Latin Mass Catholic truly marginalized by this pope, I… Continue reading Time to ‘voice your ideas, dreams and concerns’ in 3 sentences or less.

Should Missouri lawmakers defund Planned Parenthood?

Missouri Capitol Dome

To be clear, the question posed by the "Interim Committee on Medicaid Accountability and Taxpayer Protection" specifically asked whether our lawmakers should permanently defund "family planning centers affiliated with abortion providers" including, of course, Planned Parenthood. Potato, potahto. They are all connected. In any case, the answer to the question is an unequivocal YES, as… Continue reading Should Missouri lawmakers defund Planned Parenthood?

Father Viviano stands in truth and love against pro-LGBT message from Church hierarchy

“Most of all, know that God created you, God loves you and God is on your side.” Thus concludes a statement of support for LGBT youth, signed by 14 U.S. Catholic bishops to date, in which Church teaching on chastity and homosexuality is sparsely quoted. The bishops (including one cardinal) have referenced only one sentence of… Continue reading Father Viviano stands in truth and love against pro-LGBT message from Church hierarchy

A book to read for those who persist.

Photo Credit: AP/Joe Rosenthal We know who we are. We're the ones who kneel, on the ground if necessary, to receive Holy Communion on our tongues. We're the 30% of practicing Catholics—the Remnant—who still believe Our Lord is really and truly made present in the Eucharist. Here in the Diocese of Jefferson City, and likely… Continue reading A book to read for those who persist.